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It seemed so punitive, cruel and, perhaps most important, ineffective. It wasn’t too long ago, in American culture, that you would have been the odd man out in this scenario.Her nearly 3-year-old received daily spankings while I was there, mostly for “not following directions.” I just felt as though this child was set up to fail as she had meltdowns at bedtime each night (resulting in multiple spankings), which (shockingly) did not stop the meltdowns. Spanking was (and is, in many places) the predominant form of discipline.It can also make you feel a little more flirtatious, and like any blind date, "you just go for it", Millie says.She thinks the new service provides enough information to make a decision about whether to take things further.One 3 network customer, 26-year-old Millie, who works "crazy hours" in hospitality, thinks not. Lots of people in the hospitality industry don't have access to a PC and they work long, irregular hours.We don't get to meet many new people," Millie says.And it feels a little more secure and more accessible than online dating.

In 2013 BRIS had a total of 19,173 counselling contacts with children and teenagers.

This swat was meant less to hurt the child than to drive home a lesson.

There are around two million children in Sweden, i.e. Their lives include many benefits – not only free schooling and fast internet connection, but also access to organisations that protect children’s rights.

There are also various organisations dedicated to the wellbeing of young people.

In 1979, Sweden became the first country in the world to make beating or spanking children a criminal offence.

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