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Petrolati also tries to place his supporters in jobs throughout western Massachusetts courts as well as the Hampden County Sheriff Department, prompting some to call him "the king of patronage." State law requires campaigns to identify the employers of people who give 0 or more, but few do so in practice.

Petrolati, the third-ranking Democrat in the state House of Representatives, has collected twice as many campaign contributions from employees of the Probation Department as any other legislator since 2002, reflecting his extraordinary influence over hiring and promotion at the troubled agency.

Taken together the analyses of the three examples demonstrate that structural bioinformatics tools, when applied in a systematic, integrated way, can rapidly analyse a given system to provide a powerful approach for predicting structural and functional effects of thousands of mutations in order to reveal molecular mechanisms leading to a phenotype.

One approach to overcome this is to use robust, accurate and scalable computational methods to understand and correlate structural effects of mutations with disease.

Team name: Matt Woelk Team members 1 Project name: Outlast The Flood Matt Woelk_Outlast The Flood Game Link: https://mega.nz/#! IQ8jz-m RGHS3Rs-Dc-d3u V5ia Nv Hrzgx Jk WU5DI_Zx I mouse keyboard Two sound effects are cc0 from freesound.org, and the other I made.

This is also my submission for Ludum Dare 37, whose theme is "One Room". Title: Snowball Snowball FIGHT Team name: Arran Langmead Team members: 1 Game Link https://drive.google.com/open? * Units attack everything in range, you lack direct control over who they target. * Using "passive mode" (green peace sign) will let you flee from fights.

The Epic Team_Awesome Game I also recommend adding a banner image for your project, it just looks nice. Send me the following information: Team Name Project Name Each Team Member's Real Name Each Team Member's Email Address Each Team Member's Mailing Address (Not a P. box) Each Team Member's T-Shirt Size If the address is not in the United States, please also provide: Phone number for lost postage reclaim Tax or VAT number (if applicable) This information will not be shared publicly. Game link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Wjf1Bfr CZp N1J2dklp Q0ww ZEk/view?

usp=sharing Game controls A to steer Left, D to steer Right, Try to score 31 points before reaching the bottom of the mountain.

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