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I stopped short of saying “fatties should lower their standards”, but realistically speaking, the more physical baggages [pounds] a woman has, the lower her standards should and must become if she wishes to get some play in the dating-market place!

Not to mention that the woman who had posted that status is plus-size, but has kids and is 43 years old.

In any case, plus-size women naturally face a conundrum in the dating marketplace, simply because they aren’t regarded as society’s idea of beauty. Plus-size women are by no means blind to this reality.

I refrained from being blunt as possible on her post [that the reason for this is because she’s on the heavier side of things and guys don’t feel that they should invest as much], but I did chime in after another plus-sizer had commented about standards, and how big girls who have high standards should maintain those standards. Now- my argument was very simplistic without being blunt: Women should lower their standards and expectations in dating.What if you could shortcut all that frustration and wasted time and energy, and quickly find a guy who lives up to your standards so you don’t feel let down later on? It’s about being the kind of woman who inspires a guy to reach his highest potential, and knowing the smart way to communicate your standards so that he what is expected of him if he wants to be with you.About 80% of that battle is choosing the right guy in the first place.They generally fell into the two categories of people I’ve often come across as a single person: (1) the ones who offer unsolicited (and unhelpful) advice — usually something I’ve heard 1000x before; or (2) people who basically gaslight me and tell me that my interpretation of my own life is wrong while they, the random stranger, knows better after reading 1,200 of my words. Now I want to address another common retort I’ve seen more than my fair share of.This one is more nuanced and thoughtful than the average comfort-for-the-single-person platitude — but it can be just as awful: “It’s simply that you have standards!

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The other 20% depends on how you act once you have him in your life.

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