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Curious to see what ‘blood type dating theory’ says about you? Type As are generally kind – Type Os are natural born leaders who are true romantics at heart.Type Os love to make big swooping gestures – picture enormous flower deliveries, standing outside in the rain playing your favorite song on the radio…As a result a Tiger may appear emotionally distant even to people they are fond of and particularly heartless to a Rooster or Pig who expects wholehearted emotional involvement in love.Like the animal whose symbol this zodiac sign bears, the Dog is one of the most loyal and caring personalities in Chinese astrology.High Points of a Tiger-Tiger love match The chief characteristic of the Tiger is their attraction to an active intellectual life.

These are people who are neither interested in deep emotional interaction nor in mutually beneficial material partnerships.As such while two individuals of the same sign are ideally placed to respond to each other’s needs, they also stand in danger of suffering from the same faults which in turn may damage their relationship.High points of a Pig-Pig love match A defining characteristic of the Pig personality is their rich imagination which lends a many-hued creativity to their lives, including romantic relationships.The Chinese Horoscope Love Compatibility Match combines seven factors from Stem Relationships and Branch Relationships to calculate the love matching scores and give you a simple and quick compatibility answer.The Tiger is one of the most fascinating characters of the Chinese zodiac.

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anything you might see in a late 80’s rom-com, really.

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