Updating raised ranch facade

As the focal point of the house, it’s important for the entry door to be appropriate to the house style.In the upper drawing, the muntins in the sidelites are proportional to the 12-over-12 windows, and the solid, windowless six-panel door is in keeping with the relatively austere colonial facade and open, exposed nature of the entry.

Material choices play a role in how well a door fits a particular style.The materials and methods common in the 1950’s were distinctive and relatively consistent.Understanding these materials and methods helps determine the viability of a remodel and allows for a more straight-forward decision making process.Rachel is an author, blogger, and dessert activist.This blog has been read internationally by millions, but mainly she is just an ordinary homemaker living in the Midwest with her husband, David, and their two babies.

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All entry doors are not created equal, so do the research.

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