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Connect to a live Recorder session from anywhere via a network.Observers can see and hear anything being recorded – customers' faces, voices, or interactions on-screen or with physical objects.Unmoderated sessions require a more complex platform than moderated remote sessions, for which online-meeting software such as Go To Meeting is enough.For unmoderated user testing, you need an application that plays the role of a session facilitator: it guides the participants through the session and records what happens.The Morae Recorder captures audio, video, on-screen activity, and keyboard/mouse input during a research session.Depending on the research methods you're using, you might record camera video only (no screen recording).Thankfully there are many online tools available, but how do you pick one?

Perhaps because the scope of your project is limited to a specific feature, your participants are dispersed, or you need results fast.

As one of the leading usability software tools on the market, Morae offers an all-encompassing testing experience for its users.

Morae gives you the ability to record a user's interactions with your application, site, or product, and allows multiple people to remotely observe the study, collaborate, and take notes--all in real-time.

Whether we want to or not, it forces us to take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of unmoderated testing and decide whether we should incorporate it into our usability toolbox.

actually offer the capability of doing usability testing with users through task elicitation.

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